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Default Double pedal with a smooth surface?

in my young drumming days I loved to play the drums with a double pedal. at some point I ditched it and started playing with a single pedal, to focus more on my hi-hat technique. as a side-effect, my right foot now hits much better, and all that by using the slide technique.

I wanna buy a double pedal again, I kinda miss it. but I wanna be able to slide on it.
the usual fight back in the day was eliminator vs cobra, I'm the guy who would swear by the cobra, but the texture of the pedal is so rough that I can't slide on it.
any pedal with similar feel as the Iron Cobra, but smoother surface? I've seen some Yamahas that are absolutely flat on top, not even carved letters or anything, that seems perfect.

I know it all comes down to feel, and I will go and try pedals out, just asking to be sure I won't miss anything.
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