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Default Picked Up my Acousticon snare today... and a few other things! (G.A.S.)

My Remo Acousticon snare was delivered today to Guitar Center and I went to pick it up! When I opened the box, it was in way better condition than I thought I was in from the picture. It was just dirty in the picture. I checked it over and the top bearing edge is only very slightly rolled over like some people had warned, but it was waaaay less than I expected it may be. People had made it seem like the snare edge would be in terrible shape and that the drum would be caved in on itself... glad to say that it wasn't. It sounded terrible when I got it. It had an old Coated Pinstripe head on it that was badly out of tune. I tuned it a little with the Pinstripe on it and I heard some potential in the snare. Then I out on a Remo UT head from a Catalina snare that was practically brand new... It sounded superb! I tuned it high and it had great crack and snap, with amazing sensitivity and good tone. I really like it a lot!

While I was there, I saw a few used snares that they had just bought in that weren't even tagged yet. One of them was a MIJ Tama Starclassic Birch 5.5x14 snare in blue lacquer. I had been looking at adding a birch snare for a while so I gave it a good hit and it sounded nice, with an Evans EC Reverse dot, which I absolutely loath. I asked for the pice and they said it was $99, so I got that too. It has amazing tone and pop and I could get it to go from low and fat to high and cracking. I felt so good, I went to the other music store I go to often, where I had a Gretsch Catalina Club (Retro Mahogany) on layaway. I used to have this model drum once before, and I let it go in a kit sale and always regretted it. It is an inexpensive snare that sounds amazing. I got that out today too... Dangit, that G.A.S. has attacked me hard again! lol

The pics aren't high quality, they were taken in my room with my camera phone... I'll get better pictures when i can.

6x14 Remo Acousticon snare with quick release lugs and single flanged hoops w/ clips
Remo X14 batter
Remo Ambassador Hazy resonant

5.5x14 MIJ Tama Starclassic Birch
Remo Coated Emperor on top
Evans 300 Hazy on bottom

7x13 Gretsch Catalina Club
Evans Black Onyx batter
Stock snare side head

Premier Signia
Yamaha 8000 Series
Pearl Prestige Session Select
Many snares
Paiste Cymbals
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