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Default Re: Roland acoustic trigger problems

Originally Posted by Togg View Post
I am having issues with the snare trigger firing when the Bass guitar is playing on stage.
I have tried adjusting the sensitively and even putting moon gel on the rim of the snare to try to stop it resonating so much, however the thing still goes off all the time
Wrong parameter. Sensitivity is a performance parameter, not a control parameter. Your Threshold setting is simply too low, and the module is interpreting vibration on the drumhead from the bass amp as intended activity. Just increase the Threshold until it stops, the only problem you'll run into is if the bass amp is so loud that it's causing the head to vibrate stronger than your own lower playing dynamics. This isn't likely, but just be aware of it.

Originally Posted by Tommy_D View Post
You have to isolate your snare drum from the vibrations the bass guitar is making. If this only happens on stage it is probably coming from vibrations in the floor. You can try using those isolation pads made for floor tom legs on your snare stand. Supposedly they stop the transfer of energy between the drum and the floor.
Total overkill. With an acoustic trigger on a real head, it's not floor vibrations, it's outright airborne volume. The head is vibrating in sympathy with the bass guitar notes. Just increase the threshold.

Originally Posted by Tommy_D View Post
If that doesn't work you try turning up your threshold in the trigger settings, but on something like a snare drum, I wouldn't do this first. You will lose a lot of ghost notes and have inconsistent triggering.
I would do this first - it's exactly what the Threshold parameter is designed for. The vast majority of Roland false-triggering problems are caused by the factory-default thresholds being far too low for piezo-based triggers. For piezo-based systems, the Threshold should be set as high as possible without interfering with your playing. Start at zero, go up to 1 - check your playing, is it coming through OK? Yes - go up to 2, recheck etc etc. When you get to (EG) 10 and the module starts to drop your lightest ghost notes, then go back to 9, which will be the correct setting for your setup and playing style.
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