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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

KLittle- Wow man, that's pretty hardcore, man. Primus isn't everyone's cup of tea- certainly not mine all the time, but Les Claypool is a solid, solid bass player with good chops. Great groove too- his time is slightly behind the beat and I really like it. It gives the music a really nice pocket. I liked the band with Tim a little better- he's ahead/in the middle of the beat most of the time from what I can remember. This combined with Les made a cool feel- the guitar and bass would lay back while Tim would do his thing and it was great. Brian's a little more of a deeper pocket type player, I feel that some of the edge was taken away by his behind the beat phrasing. He's a really good drummer nonetheless though, solid as hell. I'd love to solo over one of his grooves- really tight and funky and behind the beat.
As for you, KLittle, I feel that statement should be qualified a little more, Primus isn't a "bad" band at all. In fact, every player that's ever been in that band has been quite good, so post some specific examples of what you think is so bad?
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