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Default Re: Carmichael CT-200 drum throne anyone?

Originally Posted by Up2Speed View Post
I purchased the Carmichael throne seat. I have Roc N Soc thrones with the backrest so I only had to get the seat itself. It is very well made and the claim of relieving pressure is true, it feels great. It is also great for balance, especially when playing double bass. But, I am very sorry to say that the seat is too firm for me. It makes my rear-end go numb if I play over 20 minutes. I am very disappointed. I want to be clear that I would recommend to anyone to try one out to see for yourself. I have used if for a month and a half. I tried my best to adapt to it but it's just not for me.
I've found you cannot wear tight pants with the CARMICHAEL b/c the the channel will cause a slight tightening effect on already tight fitting pants.

I prefer a firm seat when drumming, the last thing I want is a throne top that has give/compression which creates instability. The CARMICHAEL will eventually 'break in' and still provide support, not like other brands that compress and keep compressing till the foam is shot. My CARMICHAEL feels better every time I sit on it

Try the CARMICHAEL with some looser fitting pants, you might like it.
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