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Default Re: Best Prog Rock Bands Currently? (Your opinions welcome)

Goodness me. Three replies and no mention of the best of them all, King Crimson?!

The first album ('In The Court of the Crimson King') is the birth of some of the more aggressive prog, then moving onto 'Larks' Tongues in Aspic' and 'Red' with parts of 'Starless and Bible Black' being absolute must-owns. 'Red' in particular because of its energy and raw aggression (although it's not my favourite of the three). If you're up for weird, haphazard and not-entirely-successful 'Lizard' is there too. Odd rhythms, you go to 'Discipline'.

What marks King Crimson out for me is the grit, aggression and darkness you get in a lot of the material. I like that an awful lot.

EDIT: If you were asking for current bands, I could still put King Crimson in there. The modern prog scene bores me, frankly and I get my kicks out of noise and glitch.
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