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Default Re: Ranks of Members

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Once you have proof of the existance of 20 feet of shoreline,a sky hook,a red left hand smoke shifter,a can of dehydrated water and a bucket of simply submit the proof,in triplicate to Bernard,and you'll be assured promotion to gold status.

Steve B
Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
From what I've been told, you can substitute 200 feet of flightline for the shoreline, and a gallon of prop-wash for the dehydrated water. Mrs. Smoke's got the red L-H shifter under lock-and-key, so it's doubtful I'll ever make "Gold."
I think I have an old can of blue steam somewhere in the basement. I could send it to you if it would help. No left handed smoke shifters though. Not in any color.

We do have a nice collection of left handed drum sticks though. Playing open handed, my son only breaks the right ones.
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