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Default Re: My Humble Stagestar

For the past month or so I've been planning the biggest upgrade to my set so far, and the last one for the forseeable future. This comes in the wake of the addition of the vintage B8 crash and B8 splash back in August, and started to really form in my mind during my search for a china cymbal. The planning process began mainly as a way for me to kill time while I was in dull college lectures. Meanwhile I had also gotten in touch with a couple of old friends from back home who had been trying to get a band together for the past year or so. Eventually the idea of me joining them to jam sometime was being passed around, with the vague possibility of recording an EP next summer. By this point I was determined to make my plan a reality.

I set October 12th as the commencement date for the project since that was my fall break from school that lasted from the 12th to the 16th. October 9th came… and I found myself bedridden with a case of strep throat. On the 11th it temporarily lightened long enough for me to drive home and make it there alive. The entire weekend was spent in bed working on the last two seasons of Breaking Bad instead of working on my project (wasn't as terrible as I make it sound). I only made it back to school today, but last night I managed to at least complete the first step of the project, which I intend to complete or at least make serious progress on this upcoming weekend.

Stay tuned...
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