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Default Re: My new pork pie custom!!

Originally Posted by Sparkboss View Post
Yeah! That's what's great about pork pie, bill does all the bearing edges himself :) Flawless if i do say so myself, and he showed me the bench that he does it on.. just a huge circular sand paper type thing. Not sure what he does to get the edges so spot on.. but he does!

Thanks man! I'm still in the process of gettin all my heads ready to go. Tuning takes a bit longer than normal as i'm trying the little Idrumtech app that came out for tuning.. as opposed to my own tuning heh. but it seems to be doing really well thus far!
i was just experimenting with drumalyzer app for android. i used the tune-bot settings with drumalyzer to see if they would work.... got my snare tuned to an E now
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