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Default Re: Drum Rack or Stands?

Hey guys, wanted to bump this to hopefully have my question answered, and also to update. I now have a 5-pc DW that I will be using with my band instead of the XPK.

The DW kick has no tom mounts, so right now I'm using a double tom stand on the left of the kick. I plan to get memory locks for all 3 floor tom legs as well.

I was thinking of adding another double-tom stand for the right side. Put one tom on each stand, above the kick, and then use the DW Dogbone to put a cymbal boom on each side on the unused tom holders. This would reduce the total number of stands I need by 1 (two multi-stands vs. one tom stand and 2 cymbal stands). Cost would be about $240.

But I'm still thinking about a rack. As I said, I have to tear down and set up multiple times per week, 4-6 times, when you count setting up again at home for personal practice. I think that if I had my two rack toms and all my cymbals set up on the rack with memory locks on everything, it would be much quicker to set up. The only thing I would have to "adjust" each time is the position of the kick, FT, snare stand, and hi-hat. A 2-sided PDP rack to do this goes for about $420 (using some of my existing cymbal stand parts).

I wanted to get some opinions on this before I spend the money. Would the rack system really save me time?
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