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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

Originally Posted by EvansSpecialist View Post
I wouldn't recommend the hair dryer/heat gun technique if you've got Evans heads with the Level 360 collar (I really wouldn't recommend it otherwise either, unless you can insure that your application of heat will be completely uniform). We go to great lengths in order to minimize the amount of heat used when forming our collars. Because of the Level 360 collar design, the head is already sitting flat on the shell and doesn't require over-tensioning, CPR, hair driers, mystic voodoo, or monkey chants. :-)
Now, if only you guys could make a head that will give me that same coated Ambassador tone, I'd make the full switch.

For real, though, next time I pick up some snare heads, I'm gonna' get a coated G1 and a 300 to test the waters. I've never liked Evans heads quite as much as Remo on my snare.

That decision was made easier by the fact that my local GC NEVER has regular coated Ambassadors in stock, and I always have to pick up something I really don't want.
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