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Default Re: Carmichael CT-200 drum throne anyone?

I received my CT-201-13BV hydraulic throne yesterday - here's some pics (so-so quality - lighting wasn't that good at the time I did the pics).

Assembly was super easy. Unpacking, unfolding the base legs, mounting the plate to the bottom side of the seat top (using the 4 bolts provided in the package), putting the seat on top of the base, fastening 2 handles at the plate, thus tightening the seat/plate to the top of the base - that's it! I used a multi size tool to fasten those bolts which I once bought for guitar applications.

Have been using it while working at the PC for a few hours now - feels great.
The hydraulic system works and feels great, too - the quality is evident. I went for the hydraulic version for more options and the extra charge is super low (some $13 I think).

The upholstering feels a bit stiff/hard but it works. I noticed that my back would get tired after a while but that wasn't at the kit but still at the PC where there is hardly any need to move/rotate etc. 13'' is perfect for me but I guess the bigger 15'' version would work fine, too. "Quality exists when the price is long forgotten" - Agreed, what was the price again?

Delivery was exactly 1 month - I went for the cheapest (out of 4) delivery option.
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