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Originally Posted by pdp 9091
ya i really didnt think of that at first but still...bonham had great foot speed but i think that there are a few drummers that are a little faster.
I agree there are a lot of drummers out there today that in my opinon are doing mind boggling things with double and single bass drums, Jojo fits in that category. I don't mean to undermine Jojo, he is probably one of my favorite drummers out today. But this is the problem with trying to compare drummers of different decades. Considering the equipment that Bonham had it is incredible what he could do, nothing compared to the technology of today. Imagine what Bonham could have done with an Axis pedal! It's kind of like Jimi Hendrix, guitar technology today is unreal compared to the late 60's. Imagine what Jimi could do playing on a rig that we have today.
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