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Default Re: Monty Python Fans

"We've found a witch...may we burn her?"

"She turned me into a newt....I got better!"

"He must be a king...he ain't go shit all over him!"

"Bring out Your Dead! But I'm not dead yet. You will be!"

"One, Two, Five! Three, Sir! Three!"

Shall I go on???? lol. Love me some Monty Python. The Holy Grail being my favorite. If you're a true fan, you'll pay as much attention to the credits as you do the movie...they're hilarious! I have seen Spam-a-Lot as well...fantastic.

George Harrison was a huge supporter of the group. If you haven't seen his memorial concert, look up the Lumberjack song done during the show with Tom Hanks. He also appeared on the Flying Circus a couple of times, I believe.
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