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Originally Posted by pdp 9091
uhh have u ever heard jojo mayer......his kick skills surpasses bonhams by far.....bonham is great at kick triplets but definatly people have matched it and surpassed it.

just watch this mayer video and ull see what i mean

with the roll between hands and feet.....
what bonham does with 2 hands....hes does with 1 hand in this video
Yes, Jojo Mayer is an amazing drummer. But what I think you are over looking here is that Bonham's foot was just as fast if not faster, without using the foot slide or heel toe technique that Jojo uses. Bonham used the toe technique or the ball of his foot on a Ludwig Speed King, not one of these state of the art pedals today. Most of the pedals out there today the technology is so good that you can't help but get doubles and tripletts with almost little or no effort.
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