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Default Re: Whats the deal with stick size?

I started out playing Vic Firth 5As simply because they were the most widely available. But as Two Cables alluded to above, it's nice to have a more appropriate tool for the type of music you're playing.

I still occasionally use 5As, mostly at church. But there is such a wide dynamic level there that I end up using most of the other sticks in my quiver. In addition to church, I also play in a jazz quartet/trio, and a blues band. I'll use a different model wherever I feel it suits the music best. Some of my favorite sticks are:

VF AJ2 - My go-to stick. A little lighter and faster than a regular 5A for me.

VF Peter Erskine Big Band Stick - A bigger butt than the AJ2 by quite a bit yet somehow just as quick. I feel like I don't have to work nearly as hard with this stick. I use this one mostly with the blues band.

VF AJ6 - The thinnest stick I use. Obviously the quietest, and the tip sounds absolutely beautiful on the ride cymbal. A very thin neck that I fear will break with too much force although that has never happened.

VF 5A - My heaviest stick that I use. It feels a little sluggish compared to the other models. It's my "rock" stick, or for heavy shuffles.
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