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Default Re: Monty Python Fans

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
I'm a big fan of course, although I am an equally big if not even bigger fan of its spiritual predecessor the Goon Show...any fans of that here? And then there's related things like the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band who were part of the same 'scene' as it were.

I tend to think of these things as part of a lineage which to my reckoning starts with Edward Lear but maybe it goes back further than that. Swift, perhaps?
Another Goonite here (no surprise here!). I used to listen to it in the car with my Dad.

I think 'The Phantom Head Shaver' is probably my favourite.

As for Python? I've watched the films (obviously) but I've only ever caught parts of the television series. The Fish-slapping sketch is my favourite visual sketch in anything I've ever seen but I need to explore deeper.


I just remembered 'Cheese Shop'. That gets me into absolute fits of giggles.
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