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Default Re: Drummerworld Videos page messed up?

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
The videos shown are completely randomized too, so I guess I'm fine with not seeing them.

What's wrong with that? These are all good Drummerworld Videos and you have always a different choice - I thought this was a good idea????!!!

The very new videos are shown in the "latest additons" section anyway.

Any thoughts?

I liked it when they were hand-picked. I also liked that many were posted because there was something new to see.

On the other hand, this is just as good for the fact that you might end up watching something that you didn't know was on here, or you might get turned on to an amazing drummer that you didn't know was so amazing before or a drummer you've never heard of who blows your mind. I could sit here all day reloading the page and watching new videos that catch my interest, and that's awesome in and of itself.
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