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Default Re: Whats the deal with stick size?

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I guess the fact that I'm a big guy with a lot of body mass to throw those sticks around may be a reason I prefer them. The first thin sticks I tried, as soon as I tried the 808L's --its a long stick--I threw those other sticks aside. then I tried the 2B's and they felt 'heay' but grew on my quickly, and my hands didn't ache as much. I guess for playing lighter music I will just have to pay attention to dynamic control. Anyway I'm still in the experimental stage.
I know of a drummer who's a pretty big guy and pretty overweight (a big metal drummer). Well, I think he always used 2Bs because he said he always goes for the biggest sticks that he can find, and one day he tried my 5As just for fun after asking my permission, and he said that it was like playing with toothpicks! lol He's a big guy though who played on a big heavy speed metal kit with like 6-8 toms, double bass, and several cymbals.

Anyway, yeah I have tried bigger sticks myself, but they just didn't work for me.
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