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sounds like double strokes to me.

"See how is wrist is not moving? It's because he is using the Moeller Technique."

i believe the man says something about the whipping motion of the wrists having to do with the bounce control being fundemental to the moeller technique. i dont check it out

anyways, it is possible for him to do a triplet just then, moeller or otherwise. but the poster described it as a "one handed ROLL thingy" which is a gross overstatement. the event itself, the "phantom no wrist moeller ROLL thingy" or double strokes was hardly memorable

this is me being nice

EDIT:"Just wondering if anyone knows what technique he uses (Moeller, french,german, etc). He plays a lot of one handed stuff, for example the boost mobile commercial. If anyone could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it, thanks"

look what i just noticed, a very revealing earlier post. the way you can tell if a drummer is using moeller technique is by the dramatic WHIP OF THE WRISTS, in a fast drum roll you will see the arms and wrist noticable drop in an up in down motion to keep the strokes in loop

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