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Default Re: New Guy's drumming

Hey wildman,

Thanks for the response. Yeah, the bass drum on the kit is very different from the rest of the drums. I made the kit off of a drum track I found on YouTube. Its just about spot on for the original. Kinda strange bass drum sound on that album. If you listen to the opening of "Why Go" you can hear this cardboard sounding bass drum. Its strange, but works really well with the rest of the kit when you are jamming to the song.

I think my mixing on the kit for the recording could have brought up the snare volume a bit. Other than that it felt pretty good to me. Also, my snare was a bit tilted from recording a couple times before this one and I wasn't hitting rim shots as easily as if it were a bit more flat. Now I sound like I'm making excuses. :)

Yes, electronic drums have come a long way in the last few years. The TD-30 really is a great drum module and many people don't give it the respect it deserves because they don't want to spend the time on tuning it to sound good. Yes, it takes time to tune, but so does an acoustic drum set. If you want it to sound good you have to put the time in. There really is no "Plug 'n' Play" with the top of the line modules. Machine gunning is really a thing of the past. I play it like a regular kit, as you can see from the videos. No light tapping like I'm afraid to break it. I hit it like I hit an acoustic kit. This gives me the ability to have huge amounts of dynamic range and have the kit as a whole play very similar to an acoustic kit.

Thanks for the comments.
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