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Default Re: Heat Gun on Snare Reso Head

Originally Posted by Razbo View Post
Gatzen ought to know what he's taking about. Still seems a bit unnatural, since the normal process for a drum head would be to stretch, not shrink. Could be innovation to take advantage of, though. I will try this on my next head change and see how it goes.
Yeah, but what you're trying to do is custom-fit the collar to your drum. In other words, you're altering the shape of the collar in order to fit your drum perfectly. Or to put it in another way, if you were able to have the heads manufactured to fit your drums perfectly where the collar is already fitting your drums like a custom-made glove, then you wouldn't need to do this.

So, a huge innovation would be having a wide range of heads that are specifically designed to fit a particular drum like a glove. For example: heads that are designed to fit the exact size and bearing edge of my Stage Customs. Of course, this would be very difficult to keep up with due to the changes that drum manufacturers like to make to their drums. So, we have a very generic collar shape to start with instead.

Fortunately, Aquarian and now Evans have a collar that's designed to sit much better on the bearing edge, to sit perfectly level as opposed to being able to wobble or teeter-totter it.
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