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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

I tried out a Perfect Balance at a local music store, and I liked it. I love the balance and the way the pedal feels. It feels like you have more control over the beater, as appose to firing a catapult at the batter head.

That being said, anyone who has the chance, if you like the feel of the Perfect Balance, check out the Yamaha 7210 single pedal. The chain drive version of the pedal is like seventy bucks, but for I believe $135.00 you can buy a strap drive version of the same pedal.

I bought mine second hand barely used for 30 dollars, but you can find them on Amazon in the chain drive version, and in a magazine I looked it they mentioned the option for strap drive.

I adore this pedal. It is absolutely perfect, and feels as though it was designed specifically for my foot. The only issue I have is it's got the prongs as appose to a footboard, but I've even grown used to that in the months I've been using the pedal.
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