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Default New Guy's drumming

So I'm new here, but not new to drums. I have just recently started putting up "covers/playalongs" to the internet. Unfortunately, I don't have a great camera (cellphone), but the sound is good as its coming directly from my Roland module.

So, here are a few kits I have made on my Roland TD-30KV:

Dream Theater - Scarred
My first drum cover on the kit and I had not worked out any EQ or compression settings on the kit. These make a big difference in how the kit sounds. Its okay, but my other videos have better sound.

Metallica - Black Album (samples)
Some samples of a few songs showing the kit I made for this particular album.

Pearl Jam - Even Flow
Played to a drumless track so everything you hear drum wise is me and the kit I made. I think this one blends really well with the album.

Thanks for watching.
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