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Default Re: Pearl Reference Set with Remo Coated Emperors (video)

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
My opinion, you tune drums very well. You always seem to have perfectly clean heads too!

They all sound great, and of course you have to love those GB's.

If I'm not mistaken it seemed the Oak Custom were tuned a little to the low side, the Fibes medium and the Reference on the high side.... in a relative way.

If I HAD to pick the best sound for my tastes, it was the Pearls. they had a nice definition and focus to my ears. Its floor tom missed a little bit of gusto on the low end but it looked like a 14, compared to 16's on the other kits.

You're lucky to have such nice gear, do you play it out much?
Thanks man. I am swapping out heads almost constantly to learn as much as possible. I can go from preferring single ply clear heads one minute to thicker dual ply coated heads the next. Its crazy.

I play in an original alt rock band and we play out a little. Not enough though. Actually, I would probably slow down with gear swapping if we played more. Lol

I alsi have a funk project starting that will hopefully take off.

Thanks for the compliments about my tuning. I mess with it ALOT!
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