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Default Re: Monty Python Fans

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
I just subbed for a couple shows of Spamalot here in Portland. Basically, it's the musical version of The Holy Grail. It got me reinvigorated about Monty Python, searching through my stacks of old VHS tapes for the M.P. shows I taped off the tube when I was younger. Good stuff, and perfect timing that you bring it up.

My FAVORITE moment was one of the intros, where a man was swimming in to the camera from very far away, and you're watching him struggle and gasp, and after about a minute he finally gets to the shore, collapses, looks to the camera and says, "It's...." at which point they cut to the opening sequence. Perfect example of some of their tension and (non-)release, and how they take things really far to the point of absurdity.
I am truly envious of that gig!
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