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Originally Posted by Michdrums View Post
I am just a Drummer trying hard to keep making a living from what I love. I take my craft very seriously, have done for 32 years, it's all I know.
... and you've done very very well in your drumming career if you don't mind me saying, you're a brilliant drummer and ... on top of it, a very nice and approachable person.

I was delighted to meet you at the LDS on Sunday :)

Here's what Cindy Blackman think of "gender" subject....

"The gender question is not even worth bringing up because the drums have got nothing to do with gender, I'm there because I love to play music. And I'm in support of anyone who wants to play the instrument. I wouldn't care if Art Blakey was pink with polka dots and wearing a tutu. I wouldn't care if Tony Williams was green. There are people who have opinions about whatever and whoever, in terms of gender, in terms of race and weight, hairstyle, religion... but to me, your personality influences what you play and what you do, but everything else is for you to develop and to nourish and to take further, and that's where I'm at. In terms of my goals, me being a female drummer has nothing to with anything except for the fact that I wear bras and panties and guys don't."

I rest my case... in this world there's only drummers, some are better than others, some are pros and some are hobbyists, gender does not come into the equation... except for those gorgeous looks (but it applies for both genders, right girls?)

Keep On Drumming
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