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Default Re: Monty Python Fans

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
Something shocking was revealed during the series,and that was the BBC in a cost cutting move,used to erase TV tapes,and reuse them to save money.One of the troop found this out,and bought all of them from the BBC,who no doubt,would have erased all of them....and all of their art,would have been lost forever.
I have heard of that. In fact, because of that, we have precious few Doctor Who episodes from the first ten years.

I just watched "Not The Messiah" on Netflix. If you haven't yet, you MUST see it. It is Eric Idle's oratorio on the Life of Brian. The ending was unbelievable, here's a hint: "I never wanted to be a Roman Emperor...". I saw Spamalot when it was brand new starring Tim Curry, David Hyde-Pierce and Hank Azaria. I liked it, but I like the movie and TV shows better. I still think "Meaning of Life" is my all-time #1 favorite movie, of any genre. I find it interesting that many people say they did not care for it that much, yet they can recite many many scenes from it. My high school was essentially the American version of the high school in the movie, except it was not a boarding school. Other than that, frighteningly similar.

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