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Default Re: Monty Python Fans

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Monty Python gets me into so much trouble. My best friend (also a Pythonite) and I were at a friend's birthday do, when somebody mentioned two sheds. We absolutely COLLAPSED, crying with laughter, and everybody else was completely baffled and thought we were horrifically rude. In fact I'm snorking to myself as I'm typing this, it was possibly the funniest thing that has ever happened in my life (you had to be there). Don't even think of mentioning mattresses, otherwise I'll have to get into the fish tank and sing.

If you ever get the chance, go and see Spamalot. I detest musicals with a passion that I normally reserve for golf, but it's quite quite brilliant. The last time I went, there were some people in the audience who brought their own coconut shells, which I wished I'd thought of, and will definitely think of the next time I go.

One of my internet personas (Magenta is only one of them) has the surname Apricot. Any Pythonite worth their salt will know immediately what my legally-recognised surname is. Yes, I've got it bad.

Oh and one last thing (though I could go on and on - oh wait, I already have): if you aren't familiar with the Penguin On The TV sketch, check it out. It's me and my best friend, according to our husbands.
The exploding Penguin on the T.V. skit.I just watched it yesterday along with a scene from "The Life of Brian" when Cleese as a Roman Centurian,catches Graham Chapman writing graffiti, improperly in Latin on a wall, "Romans go Home",and proceeds to correct his spelling and conjugation.

Just remember...never attack a man with a banana.:):)

Steve B

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