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Default Re: Things that go through my head while I'm playing a gig:

I was away for the weekend without my computer. I really enjoyed reading all of these posts. I recently joined 2 gigging bands at the same time. Had over 60 songs to learn in a short period of time so I'm still stumped at the beginning of some songs.

I charted out most of the songs but, for some reason, the singer/leader (of both bands) is totally against me using charts. He's a bit of a control freak but it's fine because he's booking about 12-15 decent-paying gigs per month so I'll give him what he wants. I don't like seeing bands reading charts at gigs either but until I have all the songs filed neatly in my head it really helps with beginnings, breaks and endings.

Anyway, more and more I'm easing into that zen state where I'm in the moment. It's just a process to get there.
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