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Default Monty Python Fans

I just watched a series of TV shows the other day on cable,about the British comedy group some of you are familiar with.

They had a series of TV shows on the BBC from that late 60's and were some of the best innovative and original comedic skits on the planet.

I live in the US,so I only became aware of their genius in the early 70's ,thanks to public television.It was a Sunday night must watch for me and a few friends.

They also did live shows and had several hit movies.The surviving 5 members of Monty Python were interviewed,as well as several celebrities,which also gave personal commentary during the series of shows which examined the TV series as well as all of their movies.

One of the toughest questions asked was: what was your favorite skit,and what was your favorite movie.

Mine has to be between the "Lumber Jack" and "Dead Parrot" skit.( the "Lumber Jack skit,actually starts with the "Barber Shop" skit,which is also hysterical )

My favorite movie still has to be "Monty Python and the Holy Grail",with "The Life of Brian" a close second.

Something shocking was revealed during the series,and that was the BBC in a cost cutting move,used to erase TV tapes,and reuse them to save money.One of the troop found this out,and bought all of them from the BBC,who no doubt,would have erased all of them....and all of their art,would have been lost forever.

After watching something that great and innovative,I can't imagine never to have seen it in the first place.

If you're aware of the Pythons,please comment ,and if you're not...then ...for the love of it all,please check out youtube, for some sheer comedy genius.

Steve B
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