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Default Re: CHEAP cad mics ($140 for7)

Originally Posted by beyondbetrayal View Post
I would love a nice set of audix or something. but I just cant afford it... these were the cheapest mics for 7 I could afford that didn't suck TOOOO much

if anything it makes you better at mixing trying to play with the sound... a good set of mics needs less so I will appreciate it more too.

also. for all I do which is a few youtube covers and hobby stuff they work great... I just spent the money on my module (saffire pro 40) so I can upgrade as i need
I used to use the CAD Pro mics, as well. Be careful with the snare mic. Mine blew after a couple of months of moderate use. The tom mics followed. I think the only one that still worked properly by the end of it was the kick drum mic.

I'd like to hope that they've made a revision to that since the models I had about five years ago.
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