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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I'm now tuned into the revolution. :)

I've made a humble start so far with a coated G1 on my snare and a 300 Snare Side over the past 2 days. I replaced the snare side first, but then I couldn't stand the temptation anymore and I replaced the batter. I replaced an old coated G1 and an old 300 snare side, and the improvement is subtle, but still noticeable (that is, in comparison to the result I would have gotten with non Level-360 heads). Although, I really loved the fact that the head does indeed sit on the bearing edge evenly, all the way around, 360. Level 360. :) I guess it made tuning a little easier and perhaps it resulted in a better sound, but I was expecting a bigger improvement too. lol

Although, I have not replaced my tom heads yet! I should be doing this within a month or two.
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