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Default Re: The best way that I've ever tested the straightness of sticks

Oh. I've never felt comfortable trusting the flatness of counter tops or a table. When I'm rolling them on my hoop, I'm noticing very subtle differences in the way that they roll. I had taken some time just now to more closely inspect the 3 pairs that I bought, and it turns out that only 1 pair seems absolutely perfect. One of the other two has a very slight warp that's only possible to detect with slower rolling, and the other pair of these two others has a slightly more obvious warp, but they're still much better than the pair I was using before. I doubt that the slight warping I discovered in these 'other' 2 pairs is going to affect my playing. lol

What I'm liking about rolling them on a hoop is if they're rolled very slowly and if they're warped, then they will rock back and forth and come to a rest due to the taper toward the tip. I am also able to hear the warp easier because the head amplifies the sound. So the way I'm doing it so far is, if the snare is tilted slightly toward me (and it needs to be a slight tilt - too much and the stick slides off), then I roll the stick across from left to right or right to left. That way it can also roll back and forth due to gravity so I don't have to keep pushing it thereby allowing me to just observe.

Although, the snare I rolled my sticks on in the store was on display and tilted too far forward. So, I had to roll the stick toward me and try to control its speed without stopping its rolling motion. There weren't any snares on the drum kits that had die-cast hoops, but maybe I'll try them next time since I would be able to adjust the tilt of the snare. That way, I'll be able to do it properly, like I can do here at home.

So, I guess Vic Firth's sticks aren't always perfectly straight.

I realize though that maybe I'll find for myself that rolling them on a table or the glass counter top at the store is a better idea (although, a flat piece of glass is not perfectly flat). The problem with that though is there isn't always enough room. If there is, then it could be right at the register and then I'd be in the way. Rolling them on the floor isn't an option where I shop either because there's carpet. Of the places where there is hard floor, it's not a good place to go rolling sticks. So, I'll see how this goes - but it will be several months or even a year or more before I need more sticks.
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