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Default CHEAP cad mics ($140 for7)

Just recorded this as a sound check for later.. wasn't so much worried about my playing as hearing the toms snare and kick ( This was piss poor.. i had no room cramped in that corner. haha)

These are 60 premier vintage drums with coated skins. the cymbals are vintage too so they sound like it. I'll be using newer cymbals when i record for real.

either way.. this is as good as I'll get for sound with a $100 set of mics.

other equipment was a focusrite saffirepro 40 into an old mac laptop using reaper.

Oh and a contour for video mounted to a stand on my pearl masters kit.

next to no eq/compression/verb and all that stuff ....... just gated everything. and a small eq to clean it up a bit
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