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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Originally Posted by gretsch-o-rama View Post
To be honest, this pedal has piqued my interest again...I feel like I want to tweak it more to see if I was missing something the first time...
When the pedal was working, I loved it. But it just didn't last long ... Twice. And I know two others that had to return them. I (and the other two) are not metal players, don't play exceedingly hard/heavy and generally take good care of gear.
The JoJo pedal is just not up for the long haul. I can't be the only one with this experience...?
Like I said...I have 10 years in on a Pearl problems...hell...I have 20 years on a Yamaha 700 pedal...also zero issues.
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