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Default Re: My tone chasing never ends.

The good news is that you have learned the big secret in drum sounds; the actual sound from out in the audience perspective. What we hear behind the kit does not translate in most cases to what the audience will hear.

Gavin Harrison actually made a great point in an interview "Microphones are the lens of camera for our drums..." That is to say for almost all of us when we gig our drums are heard always through microphones. Therefore if you tune for what sounds best through microphones this might help you find your sound.

I don't think the hunt for the perfect sound will ever end. Endless variables with acoustical properties of the rooms, weather conditions, stage setup, microphones and so on. We can only strive to get nearest to the sound that suites our ear and tastes

Good to hear you have found some setups that work well and have had good feedback.

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