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I had an interesting morning. Couldn't sleep so I went to the local gas station at about 4:00am to get a cup of coffee. There was a guy there who was also getting a cup of coffee. We got outside and he mentioned something about drums because he saw my drums in my car. Next thing you know, we are having a full on discussion about drums. It turns out, that this guy, Don, used to hang out with Jeff Porcaro and Toto and he was even close with Buddy Rich. He even claims to play just like Buddy. I'll have to see this for myself. So we sit there in the parking lot talking for like 3 hours about his experiences and growing up with Buddy and Jeff around. This guy heard my stuff too and he thinks he can teach me a few things, and he said that he won't bother with just any drummer. He also said he will charge me $100 for a couple hours. He's had some bad luck this year and can use the money, but I'm not allowed to call him until I learn the albums Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs and Toto's Past and Present album. The band Boz Scaggs used on that album was Toto before they became Toto. He also talked a lot about Buddy Rich and Joe Porcaro, the Porcaro brothers' father, who founded the LA Music Academy College of Music. After awhile I gave him a ride to where he was going a short distance away, he gave me his number, and now I have a teacher I can call when I'm ready to go. I get the feeling he is the real deal. He played some impressive stuff on my dashboard with just his hands. We'll see how it goes.
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