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Next up is my electric kit.

So, since I have moved to Chicago I have been without my acoustic kit because 1) its rather large, and 2) its really damn loud. This just doesn't bode well for apartment living. So I had to start looking in to electric kits if I ever wanted to play. After much research over all the different brands and the different models, I knew I wouldn't be happy unless I bought the best kit out there. I figure, I only buy a drum set once every 20 years, so why not? This is my Roland TD-30KV:

From left to right we have:

Drums: Roland TD-30 Drum Module
Roland PD-128S-BC (side snare/floor tom)
Roland (2) PD-85's (octabons)
Roland PD108-BC
Roland PD108-BC
Roland PD128-BC
Roland (2) PD-85's (more octabons, or hi-hats, or whatever I want)
Roland PD128-BC
Hart Dynamics hand hammered 13" snare drum
Roland KD140-BC bass drum

10" Kit Toys mini-china
10" Madkatz splash
Roland VH-13-MG hi-hats
Yamaha PCY-135 crash
Roland CY-14-MG crash
(2) 10" Madkatz splashes
Roland CY-14-MG crash
Roland CY-15R-MG ride
Yamaha PCY-135 crash
Kit Toys 14" china

Simmons DA200s Amp
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones
Boss FS-5U foot switch

Roland MDS-25 rack, clamps and stands
A bunch of PDP clamps for more cymbal stands
Gibraltar tom mounts for the PD-85's
A couple Tama Boom stands for the left side of the kit
Pearl H-2000 hi-hat stand
Pearl Eliminator double pedals
Pearl S-1000 snare stand

Roland (Remo) 2 ply heads on all Roland drums
Hart Dynamics Maxxum single ply head on snare drum

This kit also grew since my original purchase of the TD-30KV, but I knew I wanted it to be very similar in size and setup as my acoustic kit. This should make it easier for transitioning between the two kits.

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