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Hey all,

I figured I would put a quick thread together of my gear. I play both acoustic and electric drums so I have two kits to show. Both are kinda big, but they serve my purposes very well,

First up is my 1993 Tama Rockstar DX. I got this kit when I was 13 and its has just built up over the years. It was my first, and only, acoustic kit:

From left to right we have:

Drums: Tama Rockstar DX (circa 1993)
16x16 floor tom
11x12 tom
12x13 tom
13x14 tom
16x18 floor tom
6 1/2" x 14 steel snare
(2) 16x22 Bass drums

16" Medium A. Zildjian "Brilliant" crash
17" Medium A. Zildjian "Brilliant" crash
8" Paiste Signature splash
12" Wuhan China
10" A. Zildjian splash
12" A. Zildjian splash
10" Sabian Mike Portnoy signature mid-stacks
14" A. Zildjian "Brilliant" hi-hats
18" Medium-Thin A. Zildjian "Brilliant" crash
22" A. Zildjian "Brilliant" Ping ride
20" Z. Custom Zildjian china
12/14" Sabian Mike Portnoy signature low-stacks

LP Rock Rider cowbell
Rhythm-Tech DST tambourine

Lots of Tama Stilt stands, accessory boom arms, and Gibraltar clamps
Pearl single chain pedals
Tama HH75N hi-hat stand (Pre-Iron Cobra generation)

Remo clear Pinstripes on top
Remo clear Ambassador on bottom
Remo clear Powerstroke 3 Bass heads (front and back)
Evans coated G2 snare head

I also just picked up an 8x8 and 10x10 tom to go with the kit, but I havent gotten them set up yet. I need to find a place to fit them.
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