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Default Re: Dear Pro-Mark Drumsticks

Originally Posted by masonni View Post
A friend of mine is one of these 151 testers and he did a gig with the sticks & head last night. Wasn't sure what it was all about till now.
Well, the head is just a branded G1, but I figure I'll talk about the sticks themselves since I already posted about them elsewhere.

The sticks are part of a new "Select Balance" line from Pro-Mark. They come in five diameters and also have two different "balances" for each stick, a forward and a rebound (back) balance. As far as I can tell, the only difference between them is the taper, but it's a pretty big difference. They sent me 5Bs in both balances and it's certainly apparent that one gives you more control and a slightly lighter touch, and one gives you more weight in the front to use as a lever. I like the forward balance, personally, just because I prefer to get the control from my hands and have a full weight available for dynamic extremes.

The wood tips also sound really good. Better (for me) than most others I've tried, save for maybe my Vater West Sides, but I haven't tried this type of tip before just due to my aversion to its appearance.

Plus the new logo and packaging is really tremendous. Perfect execution and modernization of their brand, and some great typeface choices.

All in all, I'm excited about these sticks. I should have some videos up within a week or two, but for now, you can find some photos on my Instagram (@lampwhisperer).

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