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oh man i totally agree with some stuff you say...Mothers Milk and the RHCP old stuff is definitly their better stuff...I love playing all their old funk..."Stone Cold Bush","Brothers Cup"...etc.etc....

But I disagree totally what you say about the "robotic playing"??Chad Smith, if anything is not a "robtic" player....they guy is so funky...hed even be what some people consider an extremley messy drummer...I mean, he may constrain himself recording songs...but i can see hwere hes coming from..

I laid down loads of technical an crazy beats for my bands up-an-coming demo,and now ive suddenly realised how messy it will all sound will sound nice an funky an cool live an stuff...but recording it will be a total gip!!

i think thats where hes coming from...Ill admit the chilis newer stuff(excluding the new song) have been totally toned down in comparison to their greatest stuff....but teh band got a bit more chilled out...i think they calmed down...

I mean Chad live nowadays is definitly not what he used once be!!hes still a brilliant drummer but hes not rolling around on his kit rippin cymbals apart...haha....yes their old stuff was the best,their new stuff is toned down a lot more than their early funk, doesnt mean Chad has become robotic???
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