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Default Re: JoJo M - Perfect Balance Pedal - How does it play?

Originally Posted by brady View Post
One of the reasons I'm not a fan of DW's stuff. For me, there is just no reason for stuff to be that heavy, over-engineered, over-built, and gimmicky. Plus they're just ridiculously expensive for the most part.
I played DW for many many years and have a DW double pedal, but as I get older and my tastes changed I wanted to switch to a single. I tried the newer DW's at first because I've basically always had a DW pedal and they are much heavier and over-built than my 20 year old DW double pedal is, and I thought my old pedal was heavy and laboring.

I wanted something lighter and more articulate and ran across the Perfect Balance pedal at the drum shop and was instantly hooked. I realized that you basically have to really rethink how you play a pedal with it, especially if you come from the DW line, but once I figured out its nuances I was doing things with it that I never was able to do on my DW.

I was able to get a good price on it so I took it home. Made sure I screwed down everything on it (strap screws were a little loose, but I love that it uses standard components for everything). Can't say enough about it. If you're playing metal or want to be loud then no this is not the pedal for you. If you want to be articulate and do some crazy stuff you never thought possible with a single pedal then yes, I'm not sure there's a better pedal. It takes a bit to get used to, but I absolutely love it.
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