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Default My new pork pie custom!!

Hey guys! I picked it up last week!! Sorry i'm a week late to post pics eheheh. I got it in matte black stain and it's sooo nice!

Sizes are:
14x6 sn
22x18 b

I got all the toms as rack toms, that way if i want to condense the kit, i can just toss the 14 above my bass and leave the 16 down!

i left the 16 and 12 off for now because i didn't have the stand, but it's in the mail now!! And i've gotten my nice set up of vintage emps and ambos for my toms, new batter ps3 for bass and Renaissance ambos for my snares! a nice new gibraltar pedal and i need to replace my hats and hat stand! i haven't really gotten to really let loose on it yet, and i can't wait to do so :). Also check out the little slanted edge on the bass drum hoop!

Anywho, here they are!
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