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Default My new Mapex BP Black Widow kit

I tried setting up my new kit at home, though I don't have the cymbals and the rest of the hardware and snare here. Will take the kit to the practice area on monday, so I'll take some more pictures then, all included :)

So, this is a Mapex Black Panther, Black Widow kit. Finish is Transparent Black, and it's made of thin north american maple shells. Out of what I can hear by gently trying them out at home, they sound incredibly warm and resonant, quick attack. The sizes are 22x18", 10x7", 12x8", 14x12", 16x14". Also pictured with a new rack, Gibraltar curved chrome rack w/wings (only one wing pictured...).

As said, I will post more pictures soon, with my all-Meinl cymbal setup and Mapex BP maple snare :)
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