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Default Re: Things that go through my head while I'm playing a gig:

Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
Funny, I have been playing drums behind the band for 50 years. I have enjoyed it. But I find myself frustrated watching everyone else except me taking solos, picking the songs and running the band, etc.

They never let me take solos. Guitar players are just not programmed that way. (If you think about it, very very few songs are written with drum solos.)
Yeah, I know what you mean.. Almost every song in the ska band has a trombone and/or guitar solo, but I think it's actually really cool, because a lot of ska bands don't do solo sections.

We've been working on a cover of "Vengabus", and I think there's going to be a big solo section after the second chorus, and I'm REALLY hoping they don't ask me to play a drum solo, because I'm not ready for that yet. If I was confident enough in my capabilities to play a decent solo, I would be happy to, but I don't want to do it unless I know I can nail it.

I would never be in a band in which I didn't have just as much creative control as everybody else, even as a drummer. If somebody has an idea of something they'd like me to play during a section, that's fine with me, but I expect them to be able to consider my ideas of what they could do better, when I have them.

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
...Ok, the singer missed the cue, now we're off....OK, need a new fill that establishes without a doubt where we actually are in the song......
I hate that! What is it with singers having timing issues? Every once and a while the singer in one of my bands will get off time, but won't correct it. She'll just keep going, knowing that she's off.
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