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Default Re: Trad Grip Group!

This controversy has gone on so long, I have had lots of turmoil about this....when I started playing, I started with matched grip, then when I started taking lessons, I was taught traditional grip, Playing in jr. high, then high school bands traditional grip was mandatory. In'66 '67 '68, most of my heroes played traditional grip. Then in the '70s the bands I was listening to, more and more were using matched grip. I found, that for loud rock, matched grip worked, as a drum teacher, I start my students out with matched grip, both hands the same, better for getting an even sound, then as they advance, then I introduce traditional grip. I feel that they both have their advantages, and disadvantages, so both in teaching and playing, both live and in studio, I use the grip that best suits the style of song that I'm playing....One is not better than the other, they are just different! In closing, I think drummers should learn both grips, to be better suited for more all around playing!
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