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Default Re: Things that go through my head while I'm playing a gig:

HA !

Great post ! I can totally relate to this.

Originally Posted by TColumbia37 View Post
I used to be the guitarist of a band that I didn't really like. I was just bored all the time while we were playing. I would be thinking things like "Man, I need to do laundry in the morning. Do I have any bills coming up?"

Nowadays, when I'm drumming at a gig, I just get so into the music that I don't really think about much. Unless I make a mistake or start to get tired, I just get lost in the moment.
Funny, I have been playing drums behind the band for 50 years. I have enjoyed it. But I find myself frustrated watching everyone else except me taking solos, picking the songs and running the band, etc.

They never let me take solos. Guitar players are just not programmed that way. (If you think about it, very very few songs are written with drum solos.)

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