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Default Re: Best heads for a gretsch usa custom?

I noticed nobody has asked what Genre of music you are playing, so I will make my recommendations by Genre below:

Classic Rock/Pop/Country- Toms -Evans G12 (G plus ) white coated. These are a 12mil single ply head, ideal for tom batters, warmer sounding than a G1 and more durable. This would be my choice for the tom batters. Honorable mention - Aquarian Response 2 coated.
Bass - Aquarian Superkick 1 batter with Regulator resonant side. Honorable Mention Remo PS3 coated with PS3 resonant side or Evans EMAD single ply coated with EQ3 resonant side.

Jazz - Tom batters -Aquarian Modern Vintage Mediums - these are outstanding heads, especially once they get played in a bit. Best coating in the industry. Beautiful tone. Honorable Mention :
Stock Gretsch Permatone coated ; Aquarian Satin Finish Texture coated and Evans J1 Etched.
Bass - Remo PS3 coated with PS3 resonant side ( felt strip front and back) ; Honorable Mention Aquarian Modern Vintage with feltstrip attached front and back sides of bass drum.

Welcome to the Gretsch USA Custom club, the water is fine. GRUNTERSDAD will send you your decoder ring and Halldor will show you the secret handshake once you post pictures of your new kit to prove you own one. :)

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