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Default New Yamaha Stage Custom!

Finally got my kit in! After a frustrating deal with GC, I'm now only waiting on my 13 and 16" toms which are on backorder from Yamaha.

Coming from a Pearl VBX I knew there would mainly be hardware and color differences. Love the YESS and ball mounts. So easy to position. I'm still tweaking the setup so it isn't ad tight as before.

As for the kick, I have the new Remo PS3 with kick port already installed. This is my first kickport and I can definitely tell a difference. Very punchy sound. I have a SKII as my batter but may quickly switch back to PS3. The SKII just sounds........light if that makes sense. I probably need to work on it.

The 1.6 rims aren't a problem at all either. I have always had 2.3mm and thought I may miss them, but I don't and the drums are holding tuning just fine. These sound more open and deeper compared to my old Pearl kit.

The finish is so top notch on this kit. I love how it has a green tint up close but a few feet away and it's pitch black. Very nice lacquer. Overall I couldn't be happier and so glad I finally own a Yamaha kit. Can't wait for the last 2 toms to get here!
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